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History of Tapas

There are many stories about the origins of the Tapas. Most consider that Andalusia can lay claim to being the birthplace of tapas. In this famous wine-making region, it became customary to serve wine in a glass covered by either a slice of bread with ham or cheese, or a saucer containing some other food. This “tapa,” a word which means a “cover” or “lid,” acted as a barrier to prevent flies or other impurities from contaminating the wine, and it was not long before the dish itself began to be known as a “tapa.” From this starting point, tapas spread throughout Spain, and beyond.....

Tapas dining is more than just’s an experience. With friends, family or your special someone you can enjoy a glass of wine & relax while sharing a variety of tapas.

”Tapas is not”

By Damian Corrigan, Travel Writer & Consultant